Perspex has been the market leader in the manufacture and supply of quality acrylic plastic sheet.

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Perspex has been the market leader in the manufacture and supply of quality acrylic plastic sheet.Perspex Acrylic Sheet Suppliers South Africa

Perspex has been the market leader in the manufacture and supply of quality acrylic products in sub-Saharan Africa for over 60 years. We also supply MI and UHI extruded acrylics, styrenics (ABS/PST) and PETg. Our head office is located in Johannesburg, South Africa, and forms the hub of our operation. For the convenience of trade customers that prefer to buy direct from Perspex, we have sales offices and warehouses in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

We are fully BEE compliant in terms of South African requirements, having achieved a Level 4 BEE status.

Perspex quality products for a wide range of industries
Perspex aims to supply customers with products that are reliable, fit for purpose and accurately engineered. We provide acrylic sheeting for signage manufacturers, LED lighting, sanware, packaging, furniture manufacturing, shopfitting, exhibition builders, fabricators, roofers, glazers, vacuum formers, interior designers, architects and corporate identity specialists.

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The Perspex Product range

Perspex® Cast Acrylic

Cast Acrylic is a consistent, high quality durable plastic sheetingused the world over to bring life to creative ideas. It can formed and fabricated into a vast spectrum of designs and is available in a wide selection of exciting colours and finishes.

Perspex® Extruded Acrylic

Perspex® Extruded Acrylic, medium impact (MI) and ultra high impact (UHI), has properties similar to Perspex Cast Acrylic. It is highly durable with excellent thickness tolerance and is ideal for creating complex shapes.

Perspex® Polygal polycarbonate sheeting

Perspex® Polygal polycarbonate twin wall sheets add colour, interest and creativity to design projects and is available in a wide range of colours and thicknesses. It is durable, flexible andprovides insulation.

Perspex® Topgal polycarbonate sheeting

Perspex® Topgal polycarbonate multi-wall sheeting creates atmosphere and a sense of openness while protecting interiors from the elements. It provides excellent insulation capabilities, is virtually unbreakable, flame retardant, lightweight and easy to install.

Perspex® ABS thermoplastic sheet

Perspex® ABS thermoplastic combines strength and rigidity with toughness. It is suitable for indoor and extended outdoor use and pigments can be added to the raw material for colouration.

Perspex® PETG thermoform plastic sheet

Perspex® PETG thermoplastic sheeting is easy to vacuum form and performs exceptionally well in low temperatures. PETG sheeting has good chemical resistance and very high impact properties. It can also be recycled.

Perspex® PST high impact Polystyrene

Perspex® PST is a high impact Polystyrene sheet that can be vacuum formed, silk screened and machined. It is easily pigmented to achieve the colour required, is light weight with good impact resistance and is competitively priced.

Perspex® Polypropylene polymer sheeting

Perspex SA manufactures both PPH for general purpose use and PPC for high impact use. Polypropylene sheets are low density with good impact strength. They exhibit high chemical resistance and lend themselves to fabrication and welding.

Perspex® ABS thermoplastic sheet

Perspex® ABS sheet is lightweight with high rigidity and impact strength. It has excellent electrical insulating properties and is easy to thermoform. It can be printed, cut, glued, recycled and is hydroscopic. UV stabilizers can be added for extended outdoor use.

Perspex® ABS VO thermoplastic sheeting

Perspex® ABS VO carries a fire rating and has an element of UV stability. It can be manufactured in any colour required as long as there is sufficient volume. It is impact and chemical resistant; graffiti resistant; fire resistant; and scratch resistant as well as easy to clean.

Perspex® HDPE sheeting

Perspex® HDPE sheeting is light weight and durable with excellent chemical resistance and electrical properties. It exhibits high impact strength, is easy to thermoform and has low water absorption properties.

Perspex® PMMA sheeting

Perspex® PMMA is a transparent, lightweight, shatter-resistant thermoplastic. It is an economical alternative to cast acrylic. It has an excellent thickness profile and is suitable for use when extreme strength is not a priority.

Sales and Technical Customer Support

Our sales team is focussed on providing exceptional customer service and our technical support staff ensure excellent quality control, customer service and product support. We believe in pushing boundaries because we’re passionate about plastic and the creative possibilities it presents. Our mission is to find solutions for our customers and to add value to the entire supply chain through investment in infrastructure and human capital.


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