Masterbatch SA supply premium-grade masterbatches, pigments and performance-enhancing additives to the plastics industry.

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Masterbatch, Pigment and Additive Manufacturers and Suppliers

Masterbatch SA (MBSA) supplies an extensive range of premium-grade masterbatches, pigments and performance-enhancing additives to the plastics industry.

MBSA delivers tailor-made, individual solutions.

MBSA's products incorporate scientific and technical excellence with a passion for creating colour in a responsible manner. Unconditional approval by globally respected brands enables MBSA's laboratory to form part of a worldwide network of laboratories, driving innovation and introducing solutions to the market.

MBSA drives the following value parameters - traceability built on a world-class IT system, product engineering built by qualified technical and scientific experts, production built on superior process, and innovation built on an "open-lab" policy for customers.

MBSA delivers tailor-made, individual solutions for colour matching, product engineering, processing (including food contact safety), traceability or any other requirement, in the shortest possible time.

MBSA keeps up to date with market preferences and fluctuating colour trends by utilising advanced software that provides a comprehensive colour library.

MBSA is ISO 22 000 compliant which ensures that a strictly-controlled restrictive substance list as well as tightly-monitored production and testing procedures are adhered to, to ensure products that are safe for direct food contact. The wine glass and fork symbol displayed on the orange label of MBSA's packaging provides customers with peace of mind that the product is heavy-metal free and that it can be used for direct food contact packaging applications, including food and water containers, cutlery and more.

MBSA maintains ISO 9001; ISO 14 001 and ISO 45 001 accreditations for quality, environmental and health & safety management systems.

MBSA has entered the bioplastics space, fulfilling the needs of customers for high quality masterbatches produced using biodegradable polymers. If managed correctly, these bioplastic products can grow to fulfil the South African market's call for responsible, sustainable polymer solutions.

MBSA also manufactures PCW desiccant which is a necessary aid in recycling as it removes excess moisture in raw materials, enhancing the ease of processing and recyclability.

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Suppliers of Masterbatch and Pigments
Masterbatch Suppliers
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Masterbatch is offered in two ways: polyolefin polymer specific, with formulations available in the most common thermoplastics, such as PP, HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE; as well as engineering polymer specific such as PC, acrylics, ABS and HIPS; or universal that's compatible with a broad range of polymer bases.

Convertors are advised on the most suitable masterbatch for the intended application and offered easy, reliable and cost-efficient ways of adding colour and/or performance enhancing additives to their product.

Suppliers of Masterbatch and Pigments


Additives impart properties which enhance the functionality and performance characteristics of a plastic product. MBSA provides a broad spectrum of functional additives that improve the process ability, performance and experience of the end product. These functional additives include, anti-blocking and anti-static agents, anti-fog and desiccants, antimicrobial and biodegradation additives, clarifying and nucleating agents, corrosion inhibitors, fillers and extenders, flame retardants, fragrances and odour absorbers, impact modifiers and strengthening agents, laser marking, light diffusers, processing aids, slip additives and tackifiers, and thermal and UV light stabilisers, amongst others.

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Masterbatch SA


+ 27 11 975 0222
+ 27 (86) 140 0107

Sales : Judy Kok

Export : Brian Jensen
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13 Spanner Road, Spartan, Kempton Park, 1619, Gauteng
Masterbatch SA Location Kempton Park

+27 21 552 0627
Enquiries : Lezel Adams
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2 Warbler Close, Unit 1, Marconi Estate, Montague Gardens, 7441, Western Cape

Masterbatch SA Location Cape Town

+27 31 700 2464
Sales : Tafflene Govender
Physical Address & Map
Unit 9 Tilt Up Park, 4 Umdoni Crescent, Westmead, Pinetown, KZN

Masterbatch SA Location Pinetown


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